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How is the precision of the high speed filling machine

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The dispensing accuracy depends on how to use what types of fittings, high-speed filling dispenser with precision use accessories like a great relationship, there is a certain relationship with the industry, simple to use accessories industry is still relatively low-end, as underfill technology is generally applied to electronic chip package in the industry, the demand of the precision is relatively high, the use of accessories also need high-end equipment.
Desktop hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
In order to improve the filling technology of high speed dispensing machine manufacturers, parts of the manipulator integration technology of the production of precision controller, high-speed dispensing valve, hose, even is the use of imported materials, in order to improve the dispensing technology, because of the use of a lot of high-end accessories, used in the chip industry to high speed glue dispensing machine, let the chip package quality assurance.
Compound jetting valve
In addition to the use of high-end precision dispensing accessories, in fact, this is just a standard accessories, or the operation also requires a certain technology, is the so-called good knife will also need to be used, so that it can play the dispensing performance, operation dispensing machine operators should have a certain understanding of the dispensing machine. Or set of various products, there is no micro adjustment, the production is not up to the requirements, especially the use of high-speed filling dispenser.
Interactive thimble pin valve
Use the difference between ordinary dispensing valve and high-speed dispensing valve, ordinary dispensing valve manufacturing mechanism of internal and external use of materials are without special treatment or process are relatively rough, high speed dispensing valve materials are anodized, corrosion resistance is improved, and the axis is used is the manufacturing process the performance will be better than sub products, selection and application of main reasons for the high filling underfill, is also the reason why the choice of high-speed dispensing valve.

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