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The advantages of the digital high speed glue dispenser are

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The general digital display dispenser is relatively small, consisting of power switch, adapter interface, high precision barometer, vacuum suction, digital display, controller and so on. Unlike other dispensing needles, the digital display high-speed dispensing machine has no pressure barrels, touch LCD screens, worktables, etc., so compared with other dispensing, the price of digital display high-speed dispensing machine is relatively low. So what are the advantages of the digital high speed glue machine?
Desktop digital display high speed glue machine
1, glue work stably
The digital high speed dispensing machine uses a digital control system, so the digital dispenser is not easy to leak glue, glue, glue the uneven phenomenon in the dispensing, dispensing with good stability. But need attention in the use of glue property use, if the use of glue solidification speed faster, such as instant adhesives, UV glue, use the best use of glue dispensing syringe suitable for dispensing work, avoid glue solidification phenomenon in the needle cylinder, influence dispensing work.
Digital display hot melt adhesive high speed glue machine
2. Long service life
In general, digital high speed dispensing machine is probably the life in about ten years, but in the use of the process because of the use of the wrong way and weaken the dispensing machine service life, for example: the use of glue is not suitable for dispensing syringes, causing blockage effect of glue dispensing; dispensing pressure will be too big or too debugging small, affect the dispensing quality etc.. But it can prolong the service life of the digital display machine by regular cleaning and maintenance, so it is convenient to use next time.
Micro glue controller
3. The function of vacuum suction is good
In order to avoid the phenomenon of wire drawing and glue leakage during the dispensing of digital display, it is possible to use manual buttons to ensure the dispensing quality of digital display dispensers when vacuum return buttons are installed in digital display dispensers.

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