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How to reduce the cost of the material in the dispensing wor

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The emergence of dispensing technology to provide important help to the development of China's manufacturing industry, the effect of the use of automation equipment on product dispensing than traditional manual dispensing effect is more prominent, so most manufacturers will choose new automated dispensing equipment as equipment, there are still some defects in the design is widely used in dispensing equipment at present, the demand of glue the amount of actual effect still has certain deviation, high consumption in material supplies, in the actual operation process should be how to reduce the cost of supplies?
Three axis high speed glue machine
First to know about the work used in the dispensing supplies have what supplies mainly dispensing needles and dispensing glue dispensing machine, most will be equipped with ordinary dispensing needle use, the scope of the ordinary dispensing needle is wide, can pass for dispensing work different, ordinary material dispensing needle less durable, if the need for high strength work can use practical dispensing durable stainless steel needles in order to reduce the cost of the supplies.
Single station measuring type high speed glue dispenser
The use of dispensing glue is also an important consumable cost. The problem of glue leakage and drip in the actual dispensing work increases the cost of consumption. If the operator can select quantitative glue according to the actual needs, it can effectively reduce the cost of consumables.
UV glue
To achieve precision dispensing and introduces material cost by measuring type high speed dispensing machine, quantitative type high speed dispensing glue can help users solve the problem of too many supplies, this is because the screw type dispensing valve is equipped with can accurately control the quantity of cement, in accordance with the dispensing glue supply demand will make very accurate, and dispensing error is very small, in order to solve the problem of excessive supplies of glue, the glue to maximize the conversion effect.

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