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What is the advantage of the double component high speed glu

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Two-component glue is applied more and more widely in the manufacturing industry, because of its high strength adhesive strength and other characteristics, most of the production work of two-component glue dependent strong, responsible for bonding and product package in precision production, two-component high speed dispensing machine and dispensing equipment general difference is very big, what unique dispensing work?
Two component adhesive
The two-component glue need to mix, if it is very difficult to control the ratio of artificial glue between the ratio of precise control by using the two-component glue dispensing function high speed ratio, unique static mixing tube will strengthen the effect to enhance the catalytic reaction of glue bonding strength, long-term work are less susceptible to wear and erosion, can maintain the stable transmission of glue. Two high quality and strong sealing stainless steel pressure cylinders are equipped for storing A glue and B glue, preventing two kinds of fluids from curing during the dispensing process. When working normally, the two fluids can be evenly mixed to respond to the dispensing work for users to perform the demand through normal pressure suction.
Single station double liquid high speed glue machine
Two component high speed dispensing machine support teaching device for path programming connection operation, either irregular or slit can fill the dispensing path through the program execution, high-speed automatic dispensing machine performance and high performance not much difference between support drawing directly into the dispensing, CAD engineering, precision production casing will not be in the long-term environmental impact dispensing work in the work can be performed smoothly and stable dispensing, of course with this operator's regular maintenance is closely related.
Double liquid dispensing valve
Two component high speed dispensing machine to support a variety of ratio of glue mixing ratio, strengthen the applicability of the glue, in addition to ordinary AB mixed glue also supports a variety of epoxy resin adhesive, two-component polyurethane, two-component high-speed dispensing machine used in glue work to ensure the product has excellent performance of the best.

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