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How to maintain the glue dispenser correctly

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China's current development of the industry and various kinds of intelligent production equipment are inseparable, multifarious intervention will help manufacturers demand complete high demand for high quality work, long high-speed dispensing machine plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry, the long high speed dispensing machine has the advantage of high efficiency, good quality, in order to the dispensing equipment can fully exert the best effect, the operator should maintain the correct way to learn dispensing equipment.
Small and multi head high speed glue machine
Improve the dispensing service life and working state through the maintenance work, when dispensing work is completed, the operator should promptly remove the residual glue inside, avoid long-term storage and curing to internal cause blockage, glue to save storage and not before the used glue mixed storage, open the valve and into the glue a glue valve cleaning agent used low corrosion and low pollution, can effectively remove the internal long-term accumulated dust and foreign matter etc..
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The dispensing machine may in some glue adhesion after long time working, in addition to the glue will affect the work platform appearance, correct execution may affect the dispensing work, so to regularly remove foreign objects on the working platform and residue, best can make accurate glue, glue to avoid excessive surplus waste.
Double station high speed glue machine
If the dispenser has not been used for a long time, it is better to pull out the power supply, avoid the normal work of the dispensing machine for a long time, and help users save some money. The manufacturing cost of the glue dispenser is directly proportional to its function. Only by learning the correct maintenance of the dispensing equipment can the effect of the glue dispenser work better.

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