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How does high speed dispenser deal with sticky glue?

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The low viscosity glue glue concentration is insufficient, so the glue in the general case is not suitable for low viscosity proof glue dispensing, good fluidity, dispensing in some smooth products, no glue solidification can flow away, not only did not affect other dispensing, also does not need the dispensing place is the result of The loss outweighs the gain.
Anaerobic adhesive used in high speed dispenser
High speed dispensing machine is generally used in circuit board dispensing, plate plane is not smooth, and the use of high-speed jet dispensing valve, because the valve seal and the suction valve, lock in the glue dispensing valve, in the circuit board to high speed dispensing, the small amount of glue injection quickly covered with glue, forming a thin piece of glue, glue will rapidly solidified, so instead of bad glue with best effect.
Different kinds of dispensing glue
If you can add a new low viscosity glue glue, mixed use, high viscosity and low concentration after glue glue fusion, glue viscosity change, the concentration will increase, so as not to feel the kind of mixed use glue concentration is too low, can make high speed dispensing machine with other aspects of dispensing.
The fluorescent powder is a powder particle, is generally used for LED lamp dispensing, if the glue viscosity is too low, according to a certain proportion and mixed fluorescent powder, a combination of high and low concentration, suitable glue concentration configuration out, and high speed dispensing machine can also be applied to the LED lamp tube dispensing, without waste of low concentration glue, also can produce products.
Double head double station high-speed glue dispenser
Configuration of low concentration of glue is not critical, mainly to know how to use it is the key, high-speed dispensing machine performance is particularly good, can be applied to high and low concentrations of glue, high-speed dispensing technology is also more comprehensive.

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