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How to solve the problem of bubble in the process of dispens

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In the dispensing work in the presence of many factors will affect the quality of coating glue, such as glue, glue dispensing, drawing bubble migration, dispensing leak and other issues, these are the common problems in the dispensing work, we try to understand the problems of bubble dispensing process, through the understanding of the causes and solve it can strengthen the effect of dispensing.
High speed glue dispenser for single station hot melt adhesive
Usually because the glue dispensing bubble problem, there are many reasons for the glue bubbles, the most common is because of the uneven problem causes, if the glue bubbles makes the bonding effect, and also affect the bonding surface appearance, by fully stirring can maximize the removal effect of bubble caused by the quality of the glue the bubble may and its related glue on the market very much, some poor glue is easy to have a bubble, the bubble with glue should be abandoned to avoid affecting the quality of dispensing.
cyanoacrylate adhesive
When the glue in the dispensing process because the bubbles may be caused by poor sealing, users should carefully check the glue dispensing machine cylinder sealing effect is good, if you can not guarantee the sealing is very easy because of air into the rubber barrel after bubbles effectively, use vacuum function solution due to air bubbles of glue. During the use of glue, it is necessary to ensure moderate temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too high, the viscosity of the glue will increase. If the humidity is too high, the bonding strength of the glue will be reduced.
Multi head high speed glue machine
The use of multiple high-speed dispensing function is to solve some of the glue bubbles caused by multiple high-speed dispensing machine has the advantage of special glue dispensing valve can solve the influence of bubble brings, to ensure uniform and stable glue dispensing, a dispensing head at the same time to strengthen the capacity and efficiency point of glial, create a higher production value for users.

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