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How to meet the requirement of high precision glue work

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In recent years, with the dispensing technology industry needs to expand in development, more and more production work to be done by the dispensing technology, the production needs of various high precision dispensing equipment of modern high-tech industries, but the types of dispensing machine of our country is numerous, most users demand is not clear should choose what kind of dispensing machine can meet the high precision production requirements. Here we recommend a visual high-speed dispensing machine.
Large visual high speed glue machine
Visual high-speed dispensing machine using the WINDOWS operating system, strengthen the interaction more convenient operation personnel to carry out the work of the adjustment of parameters, determine the dispensing products information through CCD HD detection positioning system, a full range of high speed identification to ensure that the path deviation point leakage problem does not occur when dispensing work, no matter what kind of products can enhance dispensing the quality of high precision, according to the actual needs of the working path and modify the dispensing position to enhance the scope of dispensing work.
Large visual high speed glue machine
High speed dispensing dispensing accuracy improve visual effect is very significant, the emergence of visual high-speed dispensing provide important help to the electronic industry, the electronics industry in the chip package, PCB plate coating work path can be realized by visual high-speed dispensing machine, through the visual positioning dispensing ensures high precision dispensing of electronic products. Floor type structure to create a more stable, large working platform for simultaneous dispensing work on multiple products, can automatically identify the dispensing of the product, to avoid repeated dispensing affect the dispensing quality.
Vertical and high speed glue machine
The use of visual high-speed dispensing machine will help users achieve high precision production. High intelligent dispensing mode can save most of the manpower consumption, which is several times the efficiency of manual dispensing.

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