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How to improve the effect of PCB bonding work?

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The PCB board is also called the printed circuit board, which is a simplified circuit made in order to reduce the number of wiring in the electronic products and the origin of the PCB board can be traced back to the beginning of the last century, after a period of evolution, the development progress and the modern common has not much difference between, in recent years in China the printed circuit board output and output ranked first in the world, has become an important production base, PCB adhesive plate and electronic components, application of dispensing equipment is essential, how to improve the quality of PCB adhesive work?
Large visual high speed glue machine
In the splicing of the PCB board, visual high-speed dispensing machine plays a very important role in the assembly of the CCD, the camera can accurately on PCB need to fill the path for dispensing, using the WINDOWS Chinese interface, support connection manual operation demonstrator for path programming, to help the operator to better complete the programming work, visual system can automatically identify the defective products in high speed dispensing work, to a certain extent, saves working time and dispensing supplies, PCB plates of various shapes can be automatically identified by the visual system.
CCD camera
The use of visual function to enhance the bonding strength of PCB high speed dispensing plate, high speed and high precision work mode has more advantages in practical work than manual dispensing dispensing, automatic identification system can be directly used without fixed fixture, help users will demand related electronic components accurately adhered on the PCB board, to ensure the normal use of work.
The visual high-speed dispensing machine is suitable for many kinds of glue to meet the bonding work of different material PCB boards. Most production works can use visual high-speed dispensing machine to improve dispensing accuracy and dispensing quality.

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