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Is the multi station high-speed glue dispenser suitable for

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Dispensing machine generally choose the use of straight type of dispensing needle, bending, dispensing needle suitable for use on the dispensing machine? Can the multi position high-speed dispenser be dispensed with a curved dispensing needle? What's the advantage of using a curved dispensing needle for a multi station dispenser? Everyone will have some questions.
Durable metal dispensing needle
In fact, the dispensing machine can use curved needles for dispensing, but the use of curved needles with special requirements, the needle is a special product, unlike straight needle dispensing machine can be applied to all products, some straight needles can point glue, which is why the use of curved needle the dispensing needle dispensing industry needs different needs and to create appropriate dispensing equipment.
Stainless steel dispensing needle
Multi station high speed dispensing machine using curved needle dispensing because it is not appropriate to use in the production line, only suitable for dispensing a plurality of products, these products can only be the same product, need the same glue, use the same action to multi station high speed dispensing machine using curved dispensing is best suited.
The use of needles are installed in accordance with the needs of the industry, these are not man-made, but according to SMT, led, semiconductor manufacturing industry requirements for installation and use, so bent needles can not be automatically corrected or curved needle is not suitable for multi station high speed glue dispensing machine.
Multi station high-speed glue dispenser
Each dispensing needles are used to have some truth, because companies don't waste money to produce some practical equipment, multi station high speed dispensing machine is the existence of their own shortcomings, but this is its advantage, can use some line no method for the production of products, such as curved needle the advantage of.

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