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Why do two parts of the glue make a bubble?

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With the application of high speed double liquid dispensing machine in industry production more and more widely, two-component glue also has more applications, but due to the expansion of applications, the use of more and more problems, such as the bubble problem of two-component glue have long plagued most users. Then by for small to give you a simple user analysis of two-component glue bubbles?
Double liquid high speed glue machine
A two-component glue surface of small bubbles in the operation: in fact, we can find that the appearance of dry gel, breaking the bulging rubber, you can see the outside is empty, see that this is a small bubble. But if the bubble in just a few minutes, it may be too much water. But if you produce bubbles bursts occurred, said the water is not too high, but if the glue water is too high, for the production of products you should be shortened! If there are bubbles outside the rubber, it may be that your A component is too thick, and when you put it in the pail, the air is stored outside, maybe your material is mixed unevenly.
In fact, the actual production of this situation is not much, these are incidental only, more than 90% of the products have no complaints in this respect. We have also considered the bubbling condition caused by the problem of the user's double liquid high speed glue machine. But the user insists that his glue dispenser is no problem, and we can only find the glue on the glue.
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Two-component glue in the A group are after vacuum deaeration, packaging is also paid attention to this point. But the problem of water is not taken into account. Do one component knows the importance of dehydration, do a two-component A group product point did not carefully dehydrated. It always feels that it's a double component, and there's a bit of water outside the A group that doesn't affect the storage period. After the above analysis, it seems that the A components must also be dehydrated.

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