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What causes the uneven rubber out of the five axis high spee

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There are many different kinds of dispensing equipment on the market, five axis high speed dispensing machine as a new type of high speed dispensing equipment, can perform flexible dispensing work, this is the pattern of other similar dispensing dispensing equipment can not be done, the operator will sometimes work to find out problems of uneven glue, by consulting some relevant information for everyone reference.
Desktop five axis high speed glue machine
Five axis high speed dispensing machine structure is compact and lightweight, the pneumatic valve provides the glue dispensing circulation, usually performs five axis high speed dispensing glue consumption more, pneumatic dispensing valve working pressure is relatively large, this process may have more or less glue attached to the rubber valve near the point, after the accumulation of light lead to uneven glue or lead rubber valve plug, if uneven glue may be part of the rubber valve blocked, the heating system of the five axis high speed dispensing alone with the dispensing valve can solve the blockage causes uneven glue problem.
Return suction valve
When the glue has pneumatic rubber valve may be insufficient, pneumatic rubber valve work easily lead to insufficient glue glue and uneven glue, is generally produced by air compressor working gas instability caused by the best in the normal work after the completion of a dispensing test of exhaust air compressor to air tank ensure the air compressor could maintain normal sense of high speed dispensing work, and pay attention to the long-term operation of the dispensing valve can not rinse with cold water, easy to direct damage to the workpiece surface.
Stainless steel dot glue needle
Of course, it might be five axis high speed dispensing needle wear leads to uneven glue, due to the long-term implementation of the five axis irregular path dispensing, relatively high degree of wear dispensing needle, so the best choice for solid stainless steel needles durable avoid occur uneven glue.

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