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What is the glue reflux of fluorocarbon aluminum high speed

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It's time for us to study the working principle of the dispenser. The various faults and problems of the dispensing machine not only slow down the dispensing speed, but also make the dispensing products can not be completed within the specified time. For the huge impact on the enterprise, now ordinary dispenser has been to solve some small problems, added a simple use function, it is the glue back suction device.
Desktop high speed dispensing machine for aluminum
The glue return suction device has the function of vacuum back suction, which is installed in the execution system of the dispenser, and its main power comes from the stepper motor. The stepping motor is driven by the power transmission electron pulse wave which accepts the complete information issued by the main control system. The return function of the glue is started, and the receiving device in the device receives the response and inputs the information into the heating element. The main function of the starting system is affected by the heat flow, and then the glue in the pipeline is started to return, so as to solve the phenomenon of dripping.
Floor type high speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
In simple terms, the so-called glue reflux is the installation of a special device that uses pneumatic pressure to return the glue from the pipe back to the storage tank, a very convenient function. This function has been widely used in automatic high-speed dispensing machine, of course, to solve the glue dripping method is not only this, want to see what is the source of this phenomenon, the right remedy is the most wise choice.
High speed dispensing machine for large aluminum profiles
So in high speed glue dispensing process, not only need to know exactly what this phenomenon, we should also clarify the main reason issues and secondary causes, not careful thought will not completely solve the problem, if your level is not enough or ask for help as well.

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