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What's the glue valve of the floor high speed dispenser?

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Floor type high-speed dispensing machine is a relatively integrated dispensing equipment, can be used for dispensing tasks in many industries, due to the development of high speed dispensing time, dispensing technology is increasingly perfect, dispensing machine accessories are also gradually developed new products, such as: the injection valve, the valve is dispensing dispensing valve industry emerging the effect of dispensing, has been greatly improved.
Special dispensing valve for floor type high-speed glue dispenser
There are many kinds of dispensing valve in the market, and the dispensing valve dispensing machine is not what appearance can use, injection valve is a dispensing valve is very good, but the floor type high speed dispensing machine using this valve rotary valve rubber tungsten effect is not good, because of the nature of each range a dispensing machine use and use the glue determines the use of glue valve.
Full range high-speed visual dispenser
The rotary valve is a rubber steel made of stainless steel, tungsten steel with heat resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, the use of dispensing valve will not so easily damaged, and there is no problem of glue plug, floor type high speed dispensing dispensing valve replacement is more trouble, so the enterprise for it make it easy to use the rubber valve, floor type dispensing machine.
The use of tungsten carbide rotary rubber valve there is a benefit that can be done quickly in dispensing dispensing, the dispensing valve surface is relatively smooth, with the friction coefficient of glue will reduce the speed in landing dispenser dispensing, dispensing valve glue dispensing speed to keep up with the speed, so it can prevent the landing type high speed dispensing machine leak.
Floor type high-speed visual glue dispenser
Floor type high speed dispensing dispensing station than the more general, one can produce a number of products, the number of daily production will be far more than ordinary dispensing machine, so the ground dispenser intensity of competition is much higher than other dispensing machine.

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