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What is the reason for the leakage of single layer coil rubb

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Dispensing link high-speed dispensing machine is used to large objects and small objects, while high speed dispensing machine powerful indeed inevitably exists some common problems, users found in the leaking valve single coil high-speed dispensing dispensing, easy to glue adhesive overflow, is not conducive to the final effect of dispensing, so why glue valve there will be the glue dripping phenomenon?
High speed dispensing needle
1. needle caliber is too large
The dispensing needle are selected according to the actual demand, according to the general overall dispensing object to select the most appropriate needle size, if high speed dispensing needle for dispensing the use of large words easily using the amount of gum is too large, so before the normal work to carry on the related debugging dispensing work, to choose the right needle for the stage debugging in order to solve the problems caused by the needle diameter drip.
Single station desktop high speed dispenser
2. glue viscosity low
Sometimes users need to work on some dispensing small objects, so the viscosity of the glue demand is relatively low, if the glue viscosity is lower than that of normal Pascal second easy flow of rubber valve part began to drip, which is a part of debugging should be adjusted by adjusting the speed, temperature and humidity in the promotion of glue dispensing machine the viscosity of. Glue may not match the surface of the dispensing valve so that it can not be treated properly, resulting in drip, replacing the applicable glue can solve this problem.
High speed dispensing valve
Poor sealing performance of 3. glue valve
Sealing glue valve difference makes external air run into the air, easy to glue bubbles caused by glue viscosity reducing drip, if one part of the rubber valve rupture can also cause the glue dripping, good texture and more durable Xinmi seal can solve the problem of replacing rubber valve leakage. The high speed dispensing machine can be used as a dispensing tool for this kind of small electronic parts, which can effectively prevent the problem of dispensing, and ensure the high quality use of the products after dispensing.

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