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What drive mode is used in semiconductor high speed dispensi

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High speed dispensing machine in the semiconductor industry is the driving mode of dispensing, each driving mode can have the effect of dispensing different driving modes, these are in order to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry package produced, according to the different needs of the semiconductor using different driven high speed dispensing machine in semiconductor dispensing with electric driving mode pneumatic type, the two is to use the most advanced.
Multi position semiconductor high speed dispensing machine
The electric drive mode, the use of electric drive for high speed dispensing dispensing machine of semiconductor, the use of imported sophisticated motor dispensing machines and three sets of servo motors, as high speed dispensing machine drive, speed and quantity of glue using these motors can accurately control the dispensing machine, in the semi conductor glue dispensing control is very important, if the glue the amount of control is not good nor what the industry will use high speed dispensing machine, and the use of electric control can make the PLC software to control the mechanical arm and the dispensing valve, a method of process synchronization, the time interval is reduced to the minimum.
Semiconductor desktop three axis dispenser
Pneumatic drive mode, use the pressure of high-speed jet valve for dispensing of semiconductor, pneumatic development is earlier than the electric pressure, due to the limitation of the dispensing mode, electric advantage gradually reflected there, now high speed dispensing machine is generally used in some electric dispensing, dispensing products is not high is the use of pneumatic dispensing, dispensing in this way, the semiconductor high speed dispensing machine can save the energy expenditure.
Desktop semiconductor high speed dispenser
In fact, high speed dispensing machine can use two kinds of driving methods, but in the semiconductor package is used as the electric drive mode, because the semiconductor dispensing requirements are relatively high, it is unable to meet the accuracy of dispensing operation, each driving mode has its own advantages, you can choose the correct way of dispensing in each industry.

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