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Three axle cantilevered high speed dispenser for poor contac

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We have various negative phenomena difficult to solve in the use of the three axis high speed cantilever dispensing opportunity, fault bad contact is one of the most difficult to solve a problem, so how to find the problem, how to solve this problem, in order to prevent this problem happen again?
Large high-speed visual dispenser
Bad general happened led directly to the three axis high speed dispensing machine cantilever paralysis can not be normal dispensing work, you need to solve this problem. The dispensing machine parts to conduct a thorough investigation to solve the problem.
1, stepper motor and manipulator contact problems.
This problem occurs when you will find the position of high speed cantilever glue dispensing occur significant deviation will finally stopped operation, we solve this problem is very simple as long as the step motor and high speed dispensing manipulator connected to the fixed contact is not good, it is not to replace the that will be able to completely solve the problem.
Floor type high speed dispenser
2, the pipeline and dispensing valve contact problems
Piping and dispensing valve belong to the transmission system control part connected between them if you have a problem in the dispensing process, will lead to a large number of air into the pipeline causing bubbles in the glue dispensing, affect the normal effect. If the more serious situation occurs, it is likely that the interface cracks appear leakage phenomenon, in solving this problem may be the aging of the pipe outlet, need to replace the new pipeline. If you just touch a little bit of the problem, you can manually connect the pipeline, and then high-speed dispensing test, if you can, you do not need to replace the new pipeline.

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