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How to further stabilize the glue viscosity of dispensing ma

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In the circulation process of glue and liquid, the liquid layer adjacent to them also moves at a constant speed, and the friction resistance formed between the two layers of liquid is called glue viscosity. Stable glue viscosity is very important for the overall production of dispenser or visual dispenser, which is usually the industry's positioning of glue viscosity. Glue viscosity plays an important role in package precision, package adhesiveness and basic package quality, so glue viscosity is one of the key variables that need to be modified in the package process, such as dispenser and visual dispenser.
Epoxy adhesive
To find a reasonable way to adjust the viscosity of glue in the process of packaging with the aid of dispenser and visual dispenser is always a key topic for the manufacturers of fluid control equipment and all industries to analyze and discuss.
Sealing and filling glue
One of the ways to stabilize glue viscosity is to use heating equipment, which is a common and quick method in any method. In some specified packaging ecology and packaging regulations, it is necessary to coordinate the packaging process according to the enhanced ecology and glue temperature. Because the temperature change caused by the pulse can be minimized by enhancing the temperature of the glue, the stability of the glue viscosity and the uniformity of the liquid can be guaranteed. For other packaging operations that need to improve the overall packaging quality according to the reduction of glue viscosity, the adjustment and modification of glue viscosity can minimize the number of wire drawing and tailing problems in the packaging process such as dispenser and visual dispenser.
Automatic dispensing machine
To control the dispensing area, dispensing speed and viscosity of the liquid in the automatic dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine and other packaging links by stabilizing the glue viscosity has a significant impact on the quality of all packaging products, and the adjustment process and technology of the glue need to be strengthened.

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