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What is the operating efficiency of hot melt dispensing mach

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Due to the special properties of hot-melt adhesive, it needs to be heated at a certain temperature before it can become a fluid for filling and sealing. Therefore, a special hot-melt adhesive dispenser is needed for glue control. Some users have doubts about the efficiency of the hot-melt adhesive dispenser, which will be explained below.
Hot melt adhesive is a kind of malleable adhesive. Its physical model changes with the change of heat in the corresponding heat area, while the chemical industry performance is always the same, harmless and odorless. It is a green chemical industry product. The hot-melt adhesive is made up of conventional resin + tackifier + tackifier + antioxidant + filler. The adhesive becomes a kind of fluid. According to the hot-melt hose and hot-air gun of the hot-melt adhesive machine, it is brought to the surface of the adhesive, and the adhesive is finished after cooling.
Most dispensing machines on the market can be divided into two categories, one is the cold dispensing machine, that is, the liquid dispensing machine, the other is the hot melt dispensing machine. As we all know, the glue operated by the cold dispensing machine is liquid at room temperature, with good fluidity and relatively low viscosity. Therefore, the frequency of glue application can be thousands of times in one minute. The efficiency of the hot melt dispensing machine requires that its internal glue be in the fluid Control.
In this case, you may have doubts about the efficiency of the hot melt dispensing machine? In fact, the hot-melt dispensing machine is no slower than the cold dispensing machine. After all, the hot-melt glue operated by the hot-melt glue dispenser is solid at normal temperature. Only when the heat reaches the melting point, it will melt into liquid. The fluidity is also good. The nozzle is set with the solenoid valve, which greatly enhances the glue application efficiency, reaching 2000 times a minute.
The technology of hot melt glue dispenser has been continuously enhanced and perfected. In terms of efficiency and accuracy, it has been gradually higher than that of cold glue dispenser. The efficiency of full-automatic hot melt glue dispenser can reach more than 2000 times per minute, which meets the needs of users at a great level.

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