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How to change the pressure barrel glue correctly when the gl

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Most of the guests choose the dispenser for spot coating due to the difference in process. They may need to change the glue when spot coating the products of the specified category, but the glue of the different categories will have chemical reaction when mixed together, which will lead to glue poisoning. Therefore, the products poured out cannot meet the effect needs. Therefore, when replacing the glue of the pressure barrel, it is necessary to strengthen the cleaning work. Now the author tells you some of the washing bases of the dispenser This common sense.
Stainless steel dispensing pressure barrel
1. Please check with the glue supplier about the glue cleaner and the applicable glue type for replacing the pressure barrel.
2. Close the bottom valve of barrel ab.
3. Pour out the glue in the glue valve, high-pressure FEF plastic hose and ab pump, check the change of glue quantity at the outlet of the glue valve, and analyze that the inner glue has been discharged.
4. Before replacing the glue in the pressure barrel, turn off the main power supply of the dispenser and check again.
5. Remove the plastic hose at the bottom of the barrel, open the valve, and discharge the accumulated glue in the barrel.
6. Close the bottom valve of the barrel, pour proper detergent into the barrel, and fully flush the accumulated glue on the wall and bottom of the barrel.
1L and 2L stainless steel pressure barrel
7. Open the bottom valve of the barrel and drain the sewage. After there is no residue in the barrel, wash and replace the glue of the pressure barrel.
8. Disassemble the pump and clean the inner glue of the pump (it is specified by the technician who practices disassembling the pump).
9. Assemble the cleaned AB pump in the corresponding position and reconnect it with the plastic hose of the barrel.
10. Replace the high-pressure Teflon tube.
11. Pour in new glue.
12. Open the equipment, click the glue for 3-5 minutes, and check whether the glue is normal.
13. Separate the ratio of AB glue from the scratch.
Platform type automatic dispensing machine
According to the above process, the dispenser shall be fully cleaned. In addition, it is generally not easy to have quality accidents when replacing glue to remove glue. In addition, it can be adjusted scientifically and reasonably by mastering the replacement of pressure barrel glue. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and regular replacement of relevant accessories to ensure a higher safety factor and potential when selecting equipment.

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