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Why does the hot melt glue machine not produce glue when it

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In the process of using hot melt glue machine, some problems are more or less encountered in the process of using. For example, if the hot melt glue machine does not produce glue, another problem is very common. Do you know how this is caused? How to solve it?
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If we can't make the hot-melt glue machine discharge normally in the use, we can distinguish from these three factors. First of all, even if we first know whether the glue liquid inside the hot melt glue machine is sufficient, after all, if the glue liquid stored inside the glue machine or the glue block has been used almost for a long time, when the hot melt glue machine is empty, it is certain that no longer how to use it will not produce glue, so we should first detect whether the material is sufficient, and immediately make a supplement.
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Suppose it's not because the glue is used up, so you can also find out whether the needle mouth of the hot melt glue machine is blocked. This is another reason why the hot melt glue machine is not able to produce glue. Especially in the process of using this kind of equipment, some manufacturers usually neglect the routine cleaning and maintenance of the equipment, which causes the needle mouth of the glue machine to be blocked by the condensation of some residual glue liquid after cooling, so it is certain that the glue can not be discharged, so we should pay special attention to check this point. And we also need to pay special attention to the use of equipment in the regular process of cleaning immediately after.
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If the above two reasons are not the same, it may be because the temperature of glue liquid is not too high. After all, the glue liquid can maintain the liquid state of circulation under the corresponding temperature. If the temperature is not too high, it can not have sufficient liquidity, because if the hot melt temperature of the equipment is not too high, this kind of non glue state will occur , we can also start from this to do a good job of understanding and finding out the reasons.

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