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What is the working principle of the visual dispensing machi

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The visual dispensing machine, also known as "camera dispensing machine", works by taking the plane coordinates of the product with the camera, sending the calculated plane coordinates to the adjustment position, and then pushing the mechanical arm to the product for dispensing. It is mainly used in crafts, electronics, clothing and other fields. In view of the high accuracy standard, it is usually irregular small products, such as paper stickers, labels, signboards, smart cards, buttons, pendants, batteries, etc. As an intelligent automatic equipment, the visual dispenser will take you to have a look:
Floor type visual dispensing machine
Working principle of visual dispensing machine:
Intelligent visual dispensing machine is a kind of high-precision dispensing equipment developed and manufactured by our company. It has many advantages, such as single position, double position and multi-head dispensing, high precision, high production capacity, low cost, convenient use and so on. It is highly recognized by the market industry.
Desktop visual dispensing machine
Product features:
1. The working principle of the visual dispensing machine is mainly to select the omni-directional visual alignment system and the high-precision visual positioning function recognition technology. Without the high-precision fixture, the dispensing can be done immediately;
2. It can identify the products with poor technology or without dispensing, so as to avoid wasting the manufacturing cost of the enterprise;
3. Intelligent design of left and right worktables can keep feeding and dispensing continuous operation, further improving productivity;
Floor mounted large-scale visual dispensing machine
4. It has the function of automatic mixing and cleaning to prevent the consumption of glue application.
5. Be able to work well at the same time, double improve productivity and improve quality.
6. Control according to the working principle of the visual dispensing machine, so that the size and thickness of the glue quantity, the glue application speed, the glue dispensing time and the stopping time can be adjusted completely according to the parameters, so as to achieve the glue quantity without leakage.

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