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How to clean dispensing parts

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It is absolutely necessary to use dispensing accessories in dispensing equipment, so how to clean these accessories after dispensing?
Stainless steel spray valve
The solution used in traditional cleaning method is dichloromethane, dimethylformamide and other volatile solvents to clean the mixed dispensing valve, which is not only clean, but also low cost. The worst is easy to pollute the environment. Because it is a chemical product with volatility and toxicity, and it can not be recycled, which is inconsistent with the trend of promoting green environmental protection, and its use The way is limited and gradually eliminated by the market. The second way is high-pressure water cleaning, with low cost and convenient use, but not completely cleaned. In addition, the use of a large amount of water source cleaning will cause waste of water resources and produce a large amount of industrial waste water, which is not the best cleaning method. Then the best cleaning method is to use the full-automatic cleaning machine for cleaning
Suction dispensing valve
Automatic cleaning machine can clean all kinds of dispensing valves, cups, syringes, trays, screw valves and other distribution accessories, ultrasonic control, more safe to avoid contact, simpler operation, strong functionality of double cleaning tank, separate control of secondary cleaning, to ensure the best cleaning effect, while saving costs, it also increases the blowing function, to prevent the dead corner residual liquid from causing secondary pollution to the product Dye. The automatic cleaning machine adopts the automatic upper and lower fixture cleaning, which can place four fixture baskets at a time. When using the ultrasonic cleaning agent to clean the fixture, the automatic cover covers the cleaning agent box to prevent the volatility of the cleaning agent from reducing. The equipment is totally closed, which reduces the odor of the cleaning agent and saves the labor cost.
Cleaning agent
In addition, the operation industry is simple, the cleaning agent can be changed by "one key" mode, the cleaning can be carried out continuously, and the cleaning efficiency can be improved. Compared with the traditional cleaning methods, this development has obvious advantages.

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