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What's the reason for the big price difference of dispensing

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With the continuous improvement of automation technology, there are more and more dispensing mechanism manufacturers in China, with different prices. What factors lead to price differences? Let's start with an example:
221 medium system automatic dispensing machine
When we buy a car, why not choose Benz and BMW, but BYD? Is he a good choice? No, Mercedes Benz and BMW are more expensive than BYD. Some people want to buy Benz and BMW, but they can't afford such expensive ones now. They chose BYD. Why are BMW and Mercedes Benz more expensive than BYD? I believe that many friends who know cars understand this principle, and so do automatic dispensers. Let's look at the reasons for the price difference of dispensers.
First, look at prices from a demand perspective. Of course, if a product needs relatively high technology, the R & D budget in this area should be increased, and the natural cost will also be increased, which is one of the reasons for the price difference of dispensing machine. Secondly, the reasons for the brand, such as the above examples of BMW Benz and BYD, where they are very expensive, so the prices of different brands are different, and the dispensing machine market is the same. To win the high-end market, it is not easy to build a professional brand. It takes more time, energy and money to build a brand with more influence in this area, so the price will be higher naturally.
Customized UV glue dispenser
Finally, with the increase of production cost and service, why are the prices of the same dispenser products obviously different? There are many such examples in the market. First, cost difference. The products developed by each glue dispenser manufacturer are somewhat different. Among them, the materials are high-end accessories with uneven quality. If the natural cost is different from the low-end products, the service of the dispensing mechanism manufacturer can also be guaranteed.
To sum up, we can know that the reasons for the price difference of dispensing machine are: demand, brand and production cost.

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