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What are the requirements of silica gel dispenser for packag

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In the use of silica gel dispenser, the elimination method is usually used. First, check whether the silicone dispenser works normally, and then check the glue, etc. After that, we will check the packing environment. What are the main factors affecting the packaging environment of silicone dispenser? After collecting relevant information and understanding with the company's technical personnel, the factors affecting the packaging environment of the silicone dispenser are mainly reflected in the power supply and space.
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Let's start with the power problem. The power supply of the silicon distributor must be stable and the voltage must be stable. In the packaging process, if the power supply fluctuates frequently, these problems can be solved by using stable voltage isolation power supply.
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In addition, some high-frequency interference will also affect the quality of automatic dispensing machine fluid packaging. Experienced operators often use capacitive filtering to avoid these problems. These are caused by power failure, so solving the power problem can reduce the failure of packaging environment.
The interference of space factors, air in the environment, floating of the base, vibration, gas and interference from space radiation will affect the operation of the silicone rubber dispenser. In addition, the problem of space interference is more difficult to solve than power failure, because it can not be accurately measured by instruments, and has strong instability, so it needs professional silicone mechanical technicians to check, analyze and maintain. The above is the requirements of packaging environment of silicone dispenser.

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