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Uneven distribution of slurry in high speed dispenser

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High speed dispenser for dispensing operation in the electronics industry, the quality of the adhesive dots will directly affect the quality of the product, and the factors that influence the quality of the dispensing process is glue, glue point size uneven distribution of products to protect, so easy to cause damage to the product and quality problems, so in the dispensing process to the quality control requirements in the glue point range, high-speed dispensing machine distribution does not have several factors.
Two position high speed dispenser
The glue point appears uneven distribution is generally caused by incorrect allocation of glue, silver paste is a kind of special material, is with granular material, mixed with glue, the silver paste abrasive powder, silver paste or glue and will form an irregular sphere, so in high speed glue dispensing time because of these, silver paste irregular glue point caused by uneven distribution.
Three axis high speed dispenser
In addition to the problem of grinding slurry, is high speed dispensing machine failure will lead to uneven distribution of the gel point, is the operator needs to pay attention to the situation, after the dispenser for dispensing work every day to complete a parts cleaning work, drawing out the general dispensing and leakage rubber is not handle subsequent cleaning work and dispensing cause problems, these problems will affect the glue point uneven distribution.
The use of slurry dispensing not only need to deal with glue, and cleaning and maintenance work of high speed dispensing machine, or a card in the slurry dispensing valve, causing clogging and glue dispensing machine is too small, these problems are affecting the quality of the products, the need for strict control.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
The use of high-speed dispensing machine, need to have a certain understanding of each glue, so as to be able to make the corresponding treatment methods, will no longer appear uneven distribution of slurry.

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