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How to judge the stability of dispensing machine

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The automatic dispensing machine is a necessity of industrial automation, but its quality is uneven. Because the stability of dispensing machine is directly related to product quality and production efficiency, how to judge the stability of dispensing machine has become one of the main factors that every customer should consider when purchasing. Today, we will tell you how to judge the stability of the automatic dispensing machine.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
First of all, the stability of the system is preliminarily determined. The operation is very simple. Put a cup of liquid on the dispenser directly under working condition, and observe the shaking amplitude. The smaller the vibration amplitude, the better the stability.
The second step is to judge the operation stability of intermediate level. Learn to observe the circle and three-dimensional sphere of the distributor to see whether its right angle line rotates smoothly and whether its walking speed remains unchanged. If there is no stagnation or deceleration, the stability is better.
331 standard dispensing machine
The third step is to see if its needle will leak glue and other phenomena. If the needle leaks, the product quality cannot be guaranteed. Of course, this is just to judge whether the machine can make good products in the future.
The fourth step is to see its future service life structurally. Take a look at whether the X \ y \ Z axis of the distributor is a ball screw or the same belt. The same belt is easy to age and deform, and the accuracy will decrease with time, so the service life is very short. The ball screw has relatively high precision and long service life.
The fifth step is whether the machine will return to zero after machining. If the machine returns to zero frequently, the accuracy of the machine is not high.

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