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What's wrong with glue jam of online high speed dispensing m

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Dispensing problems in the operation process, in addition to the dispensing machine configuration is damaged, which is not dispensing ready to work early, if in the dispensing process problems, dispensing efficiency is very slow, high speed dispensing machine is no exception, so be ready to work, may start production will slow down, but will not happen the dispensing machine fault, to the final dispensing effect will be particularly obvious.
Online double station high speed dispenser
Rubber valve online type high speed dispensing machine is generally not well plugging suction and cleaning work, the two can effectively reduce dispensing congestion, on-line dispensing machine is generally used in high speed injection valve for dispensing, dispensing the machine has high sealing performance, the use of ordinary back can also suck back clean high speed jet valve glue suction valve, in addition to the suction valve inspection and inspection of the rubber valve two, the existence of the problem may occur the parts out, check out the bad repair.
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In addition to the above two problems, there is a glue in on-line dispensing machine high speed injection valve in solidification, injection valve outlet seal die, that will also cause blockage of high speed dispensing glue valve, every time after online type high speed dispensing machine to complete the work, can not rely too much on the suction valve suction function every time, suction will have a little glue residue in the rubber valve inside, slowly put the glue Many a little make a mickle. valve pipe plug, plug is the glue high-speed jet valve is completely scrapped, so after the completion of the high speed dispensing injection valve for a cleaning, ensure no glue residue within the valve.
Multi axis online high speed dispensing machine
Online type high speed dispensing machine production speed of a dispensing equipment, each failure will affect the production speed of dispensing machine, if there is a big problem, one day may not work, only to solve small problems, problems will not come online, this type of high-speed dispensing machine to stable production.

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