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What are the factors leading to the gel release of silicone

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The dispensing valves of dispensing machines are widely used in electronic components, integrated circuits, household appliances, communication equipment, mobile phone manufacturing, automotive parts, precision machinery, medical equipment, craft gifts and food. This paper will explain the factors affecting the dispensing of silica gel valves.
Silica gel coated dispensing valve
First of all, the size of the dot volume of the silica gel valve is generally considered to be half of the product spacing, because the dot coating will affect the normal use of the valve body, thus affecting the gel discharge of the silica gel valve, which can ensure that enough glue is used to bond parts and avoid excessive glue. The amount of glue dispensing depends on the time. In fact, the use time of silica gel valves should be chosen according to the temperature and characteristics of the glue.
The size of glue volume, dispensing pressure, needle size, distance between needle and surface, glue viscosity, glue temperature, curing temperature curve, bubbles in glue, and fluids requiring special settings are the main factors affecting the glue discharge of silica gel valves.
In terms of dispensing pressure, excessive pressure usually leads to glue overflow and glue excess; conversely, if the pressure is too small, there will be intermittent dispensing and leakage points, and the impact of Silicone Valve dispensing directly leads to product defects, so it is necessary to adjust and control according to environmental temperature, glue viscosity and other factors.
R-axis glue dispensing machine
The needle of a silica gel dispensing machine usually needs to select a needle whose inner diameter is about 1/2 of the diameter of the dispensing point. In the dispensing process, the needle should be selected according to the size of the product to reduce the influence of the dispensing of the silica gel valve.

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