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What is the function of dispensing motion control system?

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Dispensing control system supports CAD graphics import, teaching and programming functions, and is equipped with common graphics library. It has the characteristics of simple operation and time saving, smooth trajectory processing, speed forward-looking algorithm, uniform gluing, rich instruction set, and can meet various complex dispensing process.OVOR
Handheld dispensing control system
Basic functions of automatic dispensing motion control system
1. Controlling the moving position of the end-effector of the manipulator (i.e. controlling the points and paths through which the end-effector passes)
2. Controlling the motion attitude of the manipulator (i.e. controlling the relative position of two adjacent movable components)
331 coating dispensing device
3. Controlling the moving speed (i.e. the rules that control the moving position of the end effector changing with time)
4. Controlling the acceleration of motion (i.e. controlling the velocity change of the end effector in the course of motion)
5. Control the output torque of each power joint in the manipulator: (i.e. the force exerted on the operating object by the dispensing motion control system)
Automatic glue dispensing machine
6. The dispensing motion control system has the function of human-computer interaction, which is easy to operate. The automatic dispensing machine completes the assigned tasks through memory and replication. The external environment can be detected and sensed by automatic control settings. The automatic dispensing equipment has measuring, force and tactile sensors for measuring and identifying changes in operating conditions.

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