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What are the shortcomings and shortcomings of domestic dispe

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In the coming era of automation and intellectualization, the development of industry has made dispensing machine widely used. On the other hand, dispensing machine has also promoted the development of industry to a certain extent. Although dispensing machine has brought many benefits to the company, there are still many shortcomings and defects of domestic dispensing equipment, mainly as follows: What time?
Desktop dispensing equipment
1. Deadlock of dispensing machine
2. The problem of heat dissipation inside the equipment has not been solved.
3. The accuracy of dispensing machine will decrease after a period of time.
4. There will be a lot of static electricity when dispensing.
5. The dispensing machine runs slowly.
331 Filling Rubber Level Table
6. LCD screen anti-blackout, scrambling code is a common problem, so the poor application is also the shortage of domestic dispensing equipment.
7. The CF card program is not stable enough. Industrial computers are often burnt down.
8. Weak load-carrying capacity is also the shortcoming of domestic dispensing equipment.
9. The dispensing equipment will loosen during normal operation.
Desktop control glue dispenser
In summary, there are still some common defects in domestic dispensing equipment, which have been gradually solved. Just like the automobile industry, domestic enterprises also exert pressure on foreign enterprises. In order to ensure the stability of dispensing equipment, manufacturers of dispensing equipment should be screened.

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