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How to strengthen the quality of dispensing glue of desktop

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How to improve the dispensing quality of desktop high-speed dispenser?
Desktop high speed dispensing machine
In the dispensing process of desktop automatic dispensing machine, it is very important to set reasonable dispensing height, which is a kind of coating to strengthen the quality of dispensing glue. So how to set the height of glue? The dispensing machine usually works through X/Y/Z three-axis linkage device. First, it depends on the viscosity of glue. If the glue is very thick, it is easy to pull the wire. Then the coating height of glue should not be set too high. It is recommended to set 0.2mm to 0.25mm, and if the glue is very thin, set it at the height between 0.25mm and 0.3mm, this height is very important for strengthening the quality of the point glue, which directly affects the effect of the user's dispensing and the adhesion of the glue to the product. The high stability will not cause breakage, overflow and wire drawing when dispensing. Phenomenon, in addition to making the dispensing effect of desktop high-speed dispenser beautiful, it can also achieve the bonding strength required by the product.
Small 331 Coating Machine
In the process of using glue to bond the touch screen and narrow frame of mobile phone, the frame of mobile phone becomes narrower and narrower with the increasing demand of consumer for appearance, so the requirement of dispensing is higher and higher. How to strengthen the quality of dispensing glue becomes the most important thing. The viscosity of coating glue is usually about 3000 to 5000 which belongs to half. The height of the compound should not be set too high in the fluid state. Generally, it should be set at about 0.1 mm and the adhesive line should not be too thick to avoid adhesion.

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