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Aluminum high-speed dispensing function to glue it

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Now dispenser technology is very developed, dispensing process has been extended to various industries. Since the aluminum high-speed dispensing machine can then spray dispensing, whether it can be realized?
High speed dispensing machine for large aluminum profiles
Well, first of all, we need to know what the dispenser is for. Aluminum high speed dispensing machine is called control will be applied to drip glue, automation equipment and internal product surface, making the material for metal aluminum. And it is this craft glue glue to the surface of the product a lot of injection process. The dispensing head aluminum high-speed dispensing machine generally are very small so that they can achieve precise dispensing, a less plastic, may not achieve a lot of spray work, but we can replace high speed dispensing head between 14 to 35G, but even the largest relative to the size of the diameter of spray needle need is still the gap. We then use the general spray glue machine is professional.
Floor type high speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
We usually use the automatic glue machine is a kind of special glue spraying liquid automatic equipment. The system consists of two parts: the executive system and the control system. The execution system is composed of four XYZU axes and a servo motor. This is the glue machine control system application software to control the machine process.
Visual high-speed dispensing machine for aluminum profiles
Aluminum high speed dispensing machine and automatic glue machine are obviously different at work. In the high-speed aluminum profile dispensing needle is relatively small can achieve high precision dispensing in the product, the general use of the engine on the stepper motor or servo motor, and the spray machine based on the installation of a double acting gas in conveying spray rate are significantly accelerated the hydraulic booster pump, because the spray the machine does not need to worry about the occurrence of dispensing area is too large when in use, can increase the speed of spraying.

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