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How to solve the malfunction of non-standard dispensing equi

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What if non-standard automation equipment fails
Non-standard UV glue coating machine
Non-standard automatic dispensing equipment is generally not mass-produced, so the price is more expensive than standard automation, so we must be more careful when using it, strictly abide by the operation instructions and ensure daily maintenance. However, in the production and operation of non-standard dispensing equipment failure is always inevitable, so in this situation. In this case, we need to carefully analyze and judge the problems, and then solve them pertinently. Now let's talk about how to eliminate the problems, mainly including the following four points:
1. First check all the power supply corresponding to the equipment, including the power supply and related power supply.
Fully automatic control glue dispensing machine
2. Check whether the position of the sensor is offset or not. This may be due to the position error caused by the negligence in the assembly process, which results in the failure of the non-punctuation glue equipment.
3. Relays, flow control valves, pressure control valves, relays and magnetic induction sensors of non-punctuation equipment should be checked first. As long as it is used for a long time, earthing adhesion may occur, so that normal circuits can not be guaranteed and need to be replaced.
Non-standard UV dispensing machine
4. Check whether the circuit connection is smooth, check whether the wires in the circuit are open, especially if the wires in the slot are cut off by pulling, resulting in non-punctuation glue equipment failure.

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