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What are the characteristics of automatic dispensing equipme

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With the rapid development of automation technology, manual dispensing has been far from meeting the requirements of industrial development. The market needs a fast, efficient and stable equipment, so there are automatic dispensing equipment. This paper describes the characteristics of seven automatic dispensing equipment.
The common application areas of automatic dispensing equipment are coating of automobile mechanical parts, button glue of mobile phone, battery package of mobile phone, battery package of notebook, coil glue dispensing, bonding sealant of printed circuit board, etc. It is suitable for silica gel, electromagnetic interference conductive glue, ultraviolet glue, AB glue, solder-proof paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent, etc. Body, bonding, pouring, coating, sealing, filling, dripping and other product technical fields.
The features of automatic dispensing equipment are as follows:
1. Material can be directly used in the original container; hoses can be quickly replaced without cleaning and adjustment.
2. The backdraft dispensing valve has the function of automatic backdraft air pressure extraction to effectively prevent dropping.
3. Needles are divided into stainless steel needles and stainless steel needles.
4. In the characteristics of automatic dispensing equipment, the rotor components can be installed and disassembled, which improves the maintenance performance.
5. suitable for anaerobic, quick gel, quick drying glue and other low viscosity liquid micro spit equipment.
6. Tube-shaped rotating rubber tapping control; Universal and digital time controller.
7. There is a micro touch switch on the tip of the dispensing pen, which is easy to operate without air pressure and can be operated by a power supply.

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