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Why AB dispenser is the most popular choice in sensor sealin

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AB dispensing machine is widely used in all walks of life because of its special process dispensing effect and practicability. It is suitable for the application of sensor sealing.
Under normal circumstances, small sensors can be sealed by using single fluid dispensing. In fact, it is better to use two-component AB dispensing equipment to complete sensor sealing.
Why are large sensors more suitable for double liquid dispensing seal? Because large-scale sensors need a lot of glue and mixed AB glue to finish dispensing sealing, dispensing valves require higher requirements, and there are certain requirements for air pressure control technology. Especially for dispensing valves, it is necessary to use AB dispensing valves to achieve the mixing and dispensing of glue to meet the needs of sensor sealing, which can prevent spots. Clogging, solidification and uneven mixing of glue in glue machine equipment.
Large sensor and small sensor need two different dispensing machines to dispense glue. Sealing dispensing machine and AB dispensing machine need mature manufacturing experience. The dispensing valve and air pressure control technology are also required to be very high. High configuration can achieve high standards in all aspects of dispensing seal. Complex electronic equipment needs high precision dispensing. The machine is used to produce high quality sensor sealing products.

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