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How to Make the Receiving Function of Dispenser Work Normall

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The dispenser always dispenses glue. The problem may be that the quality of the dispensing valve is not closed, the seals are worn and corroded, the glue is too thin, the pressure is too high, and the needle diameter of the dispensing machine is too small.
221 standard stroke small dispensing machine
1. Low-quality dispensing valves are easy to leak air and have low processing accuracy. Valves can not be closed, otherwise, dispensing machines can not normally collect glue.
2. If the valve is used too long or the glue itself is corrosive, the seal will be damaged. In this case, the valve will be cleared and sucked back when it is closed, and a big buckle in the Bureau will also be affected and the glue will not be recovered. Therefore, when the valve is used for a long time, it will display glue. First, change the seal and try it!
Dual-axis desktop AB glue dispensing equipment
3. The glue filler particles are too large and the proportion is too large, which leads to the wear and tear of the seals, and the quality of resin exchange is better. Therefore, the problem of poor glue collection of dispensing machine is indirectly solved.
4. The pressure is too low, will also cause the dispenser glue collection failure, too low pressure and cylinder is not strong enough easily lead to suction shortage, will drop glue, can try to increase pressure.
Multi-head filling dispenser
5. The use of dispensing valves often occurs when the dispensing valves are unable to collect glue. Of these, 95% were due to the small diameter of needles used. Too small a needle will affect the flow of liquid and lead to back pressure, which will leak soon after the valve closes. When the valve starts to use, too small a needle will also affect the bubble movement. This can be done by replacing larger needles. Conical oblique needles produce less back pressure and more fluid flow. The liquid in the liquid leaks when the rubber valve closes. The feasible method is to pre-empt the air in the liquid or use glue which is not easy to contain bubbles, so that the glue collection function of dispensing machine can be carried out normally.

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