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How is the development trend of domestic dispensing machine

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In recent years, domestic dispensing machine has been widely used, and the demand for equipment from customers has begun to diversify, and has followed various types of dispensing machine. Apparently, it is a booming industry, but it is very difficult for China to open its market in the future. As for this reason, we will analyze it for you below.
Dispenser with controller
First of all, the accuracy of product requirements is getting higher and higher. Especially for electronic products, there is a deeper need for domestic dispensing machines. Although our technology can meet the needs of most products at present, in fact, many core technologies have not yet been mastered. Now, when many businessmen require to purchase high-precision dispensing equipment, the system of dispensing equipment is developed. Manufacturers usually recommend the use of foreign control systems or equipment. This also shows that domestic technology has not reached the upper level.
Desktop three-axis dispensing machine
Secondly, the industry is about to enter a saturated state. At present, most dispensing machine manufacturers in China are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, but there are hundreds in Shenzhen. In addition, many people begin to pay attention to the production line. It is estimated that manufacturers of domestic dispensing machines will increase rapidly. Once Shenzhen manufacturers increase, they will bring about so-called business war. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what the manufacturer thinks. If the price war is blind, domestic dispensers will never make any progress. Of course, if enterprises are not only focusing on product technology, then the breakthrough of dispensing technology is imminent.

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