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High speed dispensing machine point fiber is not smooth

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High speed dispensing machine can be used in addition to the industry of semiconductor industry, can also be applied to fiber dispensing, dispensing application scope is relatively broad, this also proved the practicability and universality of high-speed dispensing function, can be used in so many industries also proved the quality of high speed dispensing dispensing machine has been recognized by the market.
Single station multi axis high speed dispenser
In the dispenser dispensing process causes are not smooth phenomenon more, but also the need for specific inspection and maintenance to know what causes, but the cause of high speed glue dispensing is not smooth, can be divided into several parts, need to pay special attention to the glue dispensing fiber, fiber is the use of the principle of light refraction if, in which a dispensing connection is broken, can refract light, optical fiber is equivalent to no use.
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In the dispensing process will require attention to the adequacy of fiber glue dispensing machine, high speed glue dispensing valve may be not smooth was left in the solidification of the glue, glue the velocity decrease, leading to fiber glue is not enough, this is also a day to operate high speed dispensing machine before the lack of preparation, no maintenance and clean dispensing valve, not only the loss of the dispensing valve, and rework products, reduces the production efficiency of enterprises.
In addition to the problem of dispensing valve blockage, there is a problem will affect the high speed glue dispensing is not smooth, it is long time working, not for the dispensing of maintenance, dispensing machine used for a long time flexibility began to reduce, the dispensing speed cannot follow the speed of execution, it will also cause the fiber is not smooth.
Single position high speed dispenser
Need a maintenance scheme for high speed dispensing machine to install the maintenance plan, weekly plan, basic not dispensing valve blockage, insufficient lubrication occurs, and can provide high speed dispensing machine production quality.

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