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Why does the point coated hot melt adhesive carbonize?

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Whether it is PVC pipe coating or packaging box sealing, the adjusted hot melt glue fluid is used for bonding and sealing. Carbonization of hot melt glue has always been a factor affecting the bonding quality. In order to avoid the influence of carbonization, it is necessary to look at the relevant configuration of hot melt glue dispenser and hot melt glue valve. It is necessary to analyze what causes carbonization and the effect of bonding or gluing, and pay attention to it. Overall quality of hot melt adhesive coated at high speed.
Solid Hot Melt Adhesive Bar
Why does carbonization occur when hot melt adhesives are used?
The common hot melt adhesives are solid or granular and solid strips. When hot melt adhesives are stored in hot melt valves, the heated device is melted to the flowing glue state to complete high-speed product dispensing applications. If the temperature in hot melt adhesives is too high, the glue will gradually carbonize. Specifically, there is a layer of black carbide in the valve body. Therefore, the temperature of hot melt adhesives dispensing machine can be adjusted appropriately. It is necessary to use hot melt dispensing machine with good quality stability and automation effect to carry out sealing and coating so as to make the temperature control system heating stable and not easy to lose control, so as to be suitable for practical applications such as PVC pipe coating and packaging box sealing with high quality stability requirements. At present, it seems that the causes of carbonization of hot melt glue are generally due to the abnormal heating of dispensing machine or the influence of colloid quality, if the hot melt glue itself is hot stable. Poor characterization or exceeding the limited use standard is also the cause of its carbonization.
Copper hot melt dispensing valve
Suggestions on Reducing Carbonization of Hot Melt Adhesives
In order to avoid the influence of black carbonized hot melt adhesives on the sealing of PVC pipes and packaging boxes, it is necessary to adjust the heating temperature on the hot melt dispenser to the applicable complete state, check whether the temperature control system can work properly, keep the stored hot melt valves clean and tidy by cleaning, and avoid using two different types of hot melt adhesives. Carbonization affects the quality of high-speed dispensing when mixing adjustment occurs. If hot melt dispensing machine is used for a long time in application production such as PVC coating or packaging box sealing, colloid feeding should be carried out continuously to prevent carbonization of products requiring high-speed continuous dispensing during heating. The location of glue should be more than 2/3 of the glue tank.
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Controllable hot melt adhesive used for sealing and coating without affecting the high-speed dispensing machine is a special type. It is necessary to match hot melt valve and complete application knowledge to prevent the direct impact of hot melt adhesive carbonization on industry production.

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