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How about glue dispensing machine with visual function when

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The main application of glue filling equipment is automatic dispensing machine. This paper recommends dispensing equipment with visual function. It has more advantages than similar equipment in terms of glue coating area and glue flow speed control. The practical application effect can be seen from the glue filling of products that the glue quantity stored by piston dispensing syringe is more uniform and sufficient, and the seals are realized at the slits of products after glue filling. As a result, this quality is also needed for the screen sealing of smart phones. The quality of visual system control of the floor dispenser is better than that of the ordinary operation mode.
Point filling of PCB
Improvement of seam filling quality by visual function
The control of glue flow rate is driven by air pressure. When the pressure of the glue stored in the piston dispensing syringe is increased, the glue flow rate will be increased, and the glue output will be further strengthened. The positioning accuracy control efficiency of the ground-based visual dispensing machine is in line with most of the precise glue filling work, and the glue quality positioned by the CCD control system is more in line with the glue filling work. Fastening products manufacturing, electronic products through glue filling have a high accuracy without spillover and other problems, which is currently used in mobile phone screen sealant filling visual function dispensing machine accuracy.
Ground-based visual automatic dispensing machine
Improvement of Fixed Seal Quality of Mobile Screen
The effect of special sealant for the screen sealing and fixing of smart phones is good. The control of glue flow rate is controlled by the pressure. The auxiliary function of visual system is to fill the sealant with high accuracy. When glue filling, the ground-based visual dispensing machine will move the control dispensing valve or piston dispensing syringe to the sealant place to dispense the glue, so as to ensure the firmness of the screen after sealing. There is much room for improvement in service life.
Sealing and Reinforcement of Mobile Screen
The quality of glue filling is not only reflected in the automatic dispensing valve or piston dispensing syringe, but also in other types of problems that will affect the quality of filling, which need to be eliminated by operators in the process of operation.

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