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Common faults of reciprocating pump

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Reciprocating pump is a working parts conveying fluid colloid, which is on the piston working parts such as repeated movement pressure within the pump to achieve a transmission, large floor type dispensing machines generally will be equipped with repeated pumping glue flow, repeated pump in long time high-speed operation when there may be some common faults, below through some data and explain the common fault of reciprocating pump and solutions.
Dispensing valve equipped with reciprocating pump
1. the reciprocating pump motor stops working
Reciprocating pump motor does not work there may be due to capacitor dispensing work pressure is too strong, leading to excessive voltage burned, liquid leakage capacitor must be replaced immediately, of course, there may be a work of mechanical parts dispensing motor sticky conditions is best to adjust the gap between the pump parts then, remove rust and oil entrapment problem related to maintenance work to solve motor.
Multi axis high speed dispenser
2. working resistance is too low
Up to resistance in the reciprocating pump dispenser is protected, when the working resistance caused by internal low voltage is too large, this is because the cable head dispenser caused by the poor sealing effect is poor, easy to make the moisture in the air and ran into the foreign body inside the dispensing machine caused by damp sealing cable head, so that the work of resistance too low, this situation can only replace the sealing model of cable solution. In addition to the cable head may affect the reciprocating pump outer winding is easy to affect the insulation resistance of work dispensing value within one of the factors, by winding voltage influence lose action will be the removal of all the replacement of the winding, in the course of the replacement of the winding to the attention of the problem on an insulation layer between.
High speed AB dispenser
3. working noise is too big
Reciprocating pump noise is existed, however, excessive noise that dispensing work problems, carefully check the installation of the reciprocating pump is perfect, the insufficient strength of motor internal work dispensing may also produce strong vibration lead to excessive noise.

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