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Is there a better choice for filling 6M soft lamp bar?

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LED soft lamp with soft strip glue has specific requirements for selecting machine, especially 6M soft lamp strip needs good glue quality, high-speed glue dispenser with good versatility is mainly used for fine glue dispensing, which is not fully applicable for the glue-coated soft strip glue with large area, and its efficiency is not enough to be doomed to be inappropriate for the production of soft strip, so the glue-coated area is large and the work plane is wide. Visual glue filling machine can meet the production characteristics of soft lamp bar glue filling.
Application of glue filling technology for LED soft light strip
Selection of visual glue filling machine to meet the needs of glue filling
The plane of the visual glue-filling machine is large enough to uniformly glue several 6M soft lamp bars at the same time. The visual platform can adjust the parameters and observe the execution effect. It has the unique AB double rubber barrel. The iron fluoride hose is selected to transport the two-component glue. It has the characteristics of high pressure and corrosion resistance. This kind of rubber hose with certain strength has high service life and good stability, and can withstand the pump pressure supplied by the glue volume during the glue-filling of the soft lamp bars. The speed regulating motor acts as a double-layer stirring blade to control the glue and prevent the glue from gradually layering and reducing the viscosity. The blade stirring during heating makes the glue heated more uniformly, which is more in line with the uniform glue coating on the surface of the soft lamp strip, and ensures the stability and quality of the high-speed glue filling.
Multi-head two-component visual glue filling machine
Issues needing attention
Most of the soft lamp bars with large demand on the market are 6M, so the amount of glue filling is more. Users should control the glue dispensing at about 25 degrees at room temperature when operating. Some glue filling can be heated when solidifying, and controlled at about 50 degrees. Some glue may yellowing over 50 degrees, which may affect the actual value of the finished product due to yellowing.
Ground filling machine
Visual aided glue filling machine has a wide application area, and can be used to complete 6M soft lamp filling and more types of LED lamp production.

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