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Various factors affecting the normal use of PU high speed di

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High speed dispensing machine industry is a very wide range of applications, and Pu high speed dispensing machine is a high speed dispensing equipment continuous operation, circuit board, LCD screen, components and other common objects cannot do without the help of the dispensing machine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the high speed dispensing effect, researchers need to understand some common factor influence here, can help operators understand the influencing factors of high speed dispensing through some relevant data.
Double station PU high speed dispenser
Glue viscosity can affect the overall quality of dispensing, with PU glue as an example, PU gum has fast curing and stable characteristics, can help the user to carry out normal dispensing work, which can not produce bubbles, bubbles to reduce PU viscosity, caused by air bubbles may be stirred without stirring, the most important is the problem of high speed dispensing machine seal, to allow the air to run into the glue storage at the bubbles, can solve the problem of glue bubbles by vacuum deaeration.
Double station PU high speed dispenser
The needle cylinder is an important tool for the glue dispensing machine storage, which PU glue will be related to processing to achieve high speed dispensing into the dispensing syringe before dispensing glue with most corrosive, PU glue is no exception, when in use, easy to make the needle cylinder material gradually by the influence of corrosion, long before in dispensing when the broken drip, so check the accessories of the machine is particularly important.
Double liquid PU dispenser
Most of the industrial production is easily affected by the dust, the air is easy to drive long-term flow of dust, it is inevitable factors, and dispensing motor part with a certain static, easy to absorb dust in the air, in addition to stability will affect the normal operation of high speed motor will influence the heat system, caused by the continuous dispensing Caton phenomenon, regular cleaning and humidification can effectively reduce dust, these are the common factors affecting the normal operation of the high speed dispensing machine.

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